What To Do After A Hailstorm

We all know summertime in Texas equals HOT. It also means lots of thunderstorms as well as hailstorms. This is definitely a recipe for hailstorm damage and you should know what steps you will need to take if this happens to you. Don’t waste time if a major hailstorm has targeted your area. Call a roofing contractor to do an inspection on your roof immediately, so you can take action steps if need be. Most hailstorm-damaged roofs will just need repairs rather than entire replacements, but only a qualified roofer can tell you that.roof hailstorm damage Greenville

Preliminary Steps To Take After A Hailstorm

Of course, the obvious damage from hail will be on the outside, but take a moment also to look on the interior of your home for signs of damage. There are clues the inside of your house can give you to signal possible roof damage. Look for things like chipping paint or brown water staining on the ceilings. These are definite signs that your roof has sustained damage. Don’t allow these things to go un-dealt with for very long because it can cause major problems underneath the roof itself, making it much more costly to fix.

Check For Blisters And Dents

This is especially the case after a hailstorm. Sometimes just a plain old visual inspection will tell you a lot. If you see any dents or other obvious damage to shingles, etc., then you should call your roofing contractor right away.

Get An Inspection Done

Most roofing contractors will gladly give free inspections for hailstorm damage and advice on what you should do. Because they understand insurance companies will most likely use their own inspectors, roofers are usually fair and honest with their estimates. They will also be willing to speak with your insurance company and compare notes. Most insurance companies will allow the customer to choose who they want to use.

Make Sure You Get Estimates In Writing!

Most insurance companies will cut their checks directly to the roofer to ensure homeowners do not spend those funds on something else. Once your roofer has given you an estimate or assessment, make sure you get it all in writing. This keeps everybody honest. Ask your roofer to go over everything with you and make sure you sure understand the charges, what exactly needs to be repaired or replaced and whether or not anything will be an out-of-pocket expense.

Roofing damage from hailstorms can be significant, but it happens all too often in North Central Texas.

The key is to act quickly and repair damaged roofs as soon as possible so they don’t end up costing you even more in the long run. Contact us here at Restoration Roofing and Construction. We’re your trusted roofing company serving North Central Texas!

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