5 Bad Roofing Practices That Put Your Home At Risk

by | Oct 21, 2022 | roof tips

roofingIt can be daunting to hire a roofing contractor. But once you learn the tricks they play on you, you will be much more prepared. These are my top 5 roofing tricks that can put your home at risk.

1. Workers’ Compensation Fraud

This is the most common cheat roofer use and could put your home and family at risk. Worker’s Compensation rates are determined by risk categories. Which industry is most at risk? Roofing. The lowest? Office clerks. That’s fair. There aren’t many jobs that I think is more dangerous than roofing. It is often dangerous because you have to use a pneumatic nailgun 20 feet above the ground, on uneven surfaces in 90 degree heat. Roofing contractors must pay substantial Workers’ Compensation premiums in order to adequately insure their workers.

2. Failure To Pay Suppliers & Subcontractors

Your contractor has just completed a roof replacement in your home. What if your contractor doesn’t pay for the materials? Due to the economic downturn, there are many roofing contractors that are insolvent. Maybe he can’t pay the subcontractor who installed your gutters. This is something your roofer will not tell you. You might get a certified letter by mail within a few months indicating a lien on your home. Law recognizes this as a legal claim on your property. You will be legally responsible for paying the subcontractor or supplier. It may not sound fair, but this is the law. It is called a “Mechanics Lien”.

3. Roof Surprises and Change Orders

Now that you have received roofing bids from several companies, you feel pretty confident about the amount you have budgeted. Once construction begins, you want to be sure there are no surprises. Most “Roof Surprises”, as I refer to them, are not covered by your roofing agreement. These include wood rot and fungus, sagging roof rafters, or other problems that cannot be easily identified prior to removing your old roof. Roofers will charge you extra to correct these problems with what is commonly called a “Change Order”.

4. Reuse of old roof flashing

It takes a lot of skill to replace metal flashing on a home’s roof. Every roof is unique. Some roofs have unusual roof flashing and roof-to-wall attachments. The roofer in Keller you have hired should be skilled in sheet metal work. This means that they can fabricate and solder new galvanized steel. This is not an inexpensive job! Many roofers don’t have the resources to create these flashings in their own metal shop. They must measure the flashings and take them out. Then, order new metal, and wait for the shop to make the flashings.

5. Change Roof and Accessory Components

Contractors who are not careful will try to trick you with all types of accessories and roofing components. To rip you off, they will swap out low-quality shingles for ones that look identical to the premium brand. I have seen homes where the owner assumed they had a 50-year-old roof, but in reality it was a 25-year shingle. Look at the part of your contract that says “Install #30 pound felted paper underlayment”. This is the black-colored tar paper that you roll onto roofs before the shingles are put in. You may not be aware that there are cheaper, inferior grades of underlayments. A #15 pound piece of felt paper looks almost the same as a #30. He can make a few hundred dollars more if he sneaks #15 felt paper onto your roof, instead of the #30 he just sold.

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