Common Winter Roofing Problems in Texas You Should Know

by | Oct 13, 2022 | roof contractor

roofingWinter is anything but gentle. Winter brings cold temperatures and strong winds. This can lead to roofing problems.

Common Roofing Problems During Winter

Roof Leaks

This is especially true if your home already has roof leaks. The harsh winter weather will only make them worse. Due to the increased cold and rain, there is a high likelihood of new leaks. Regular roof inspections are essential to ensure your home is ready for any weather conditions.


Condensation is a common problem with Texas winter roofing. It occurs when warm air from inside comes in contact with cold surfaces outside.

If it continues, it can lead to mold and mildew growth, which could compromise the roof’s structure. You can prevent it by using adequate insulation and ventilation.

Pest Infestation

Your attic may be a safe place for insects and animals to live in the cold conditions.

Although they may appear harmless, their weight can cause problems for your roofing system.

To have them safely removed, it is best to contact local wildlife experts and excavators.

Overworked Gutters

All seasons should be monitored, but winter is when gutters are at their most active.

It is important to inspect your gutters for leakages or damage. We recommend that you replace them as soon as possible.

Important to remember that this can cause damage to your roof and lead to debris and water buildup. When this happens you need to contact a roofing contractor.

Flat roofs are more vulnerable because they lack an incline, which means that proper functioning gutters are required to prevent water buildup.

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