Things To Consider Before Getting A Roof Replacement

by | Mar 10, 2023 | roof replacement

roof replacementThe first step to determining if it is time to replace your roof is to know what to look out for. Here are a few roof replacement tips you need to know.

Roof Replacement Tips


If there is cracking, shingles will need to be replaced. The extent of the replacement will depend on how quickly the problem is detected, so it is important to remain vigilant.

Wind Damage

Wind damage to a roof can make it difficult to spot, especially if the roof has been lifted. Winds can cause shingles to be lifted, which could lead to the removal of the sealant or nail. This would mean that the roof will need replacing.

Exposed Nails

Exposed nails can cause rust and leakage. It may be necessary to replace the roof depending on how many nails have been exposed and how long. The costs of roof replacement in Fort Worth are determined by several factors.

Granules Missing

Roofs lose granules over time. Whether you need a new roof entirely depends on how old your roof is and how many granules are left.


Curling shingles could indicate bigger problems, such as leaking. This can lead to a roof replacement. If shingles curl, it could be because they aren’t properly lined up, have been improperly installed, or there is poor ventilation. It’s better to get it checked sooner than later if you notice curls.


It’s not too late to fix a leaky roof. Leaky roofs can cause structural damage.

Roof Cement

Metal flashing stops leaks at the point where shingles meet other surfaces like walls or chimneys. Proper flashing takes skill and time. Sloppy roofers may opt to use roof cement instead. Although it seals water well enough to get you a check, it quickly hardens, cracks, and leaks. It does nothing but make it more difficult to do a good repair. If you find heavy “tar” patches on your roof, repair it immediately before it leaks or causes interior damage. But don’t replace the entire roof.

No Chimney Cricket

Your roof is protected by a chimney. The dam is formed by debris that collects behind it and retains moisture. This can lead to wood rot and rusted flashing. Any chimney that is longer than 30 inches. A “cricket” or “saddle is required, which is basically a small roof that’s built behind the chimney. Properly installed chimney crickets will direct water and debris away from the roof and around the chimney. You should inspect your chimney for any holes in the flashing if it doesn’t. You should ensure that the bid for a roof replacement includes a cricket. However, if you don’t see any signs of problems, don’t rush to replace your roof.

Missing kick-out flashing

Kick-out flashing should be used where the roof edge meets the sidewall. Roof runoff can flow down the wall and even into the wall without it. This can be worse if there is a door or window below. Water can also seep through the trim. It might be invisible for many years but eventually, sheathing and framing will be destroyed by rot. The stucco may be the only thing that holds the wall up in extreme cases. Do not wait for it to happen. It doesn’t necessarily have to be replacing the roof, but you will need to repair it.

Bad Chimney Flashing

Sections of “step flashing”, which run along the chimney’s sides, are good chimney flashing. Counterflashing is also important. Counterflashing is a covering that fits into the chimney grooves and covers the step flashing. It takes time to cut, fit, and install all these parts.

Poorly flashed chimneys can lead to the rotting roof sheathing or framing members. To prevent water from running down the chimney’s face and into the attic, it is important to properly step-flash the chimneys and counterflash them. Water cannot be kept out by roof cement or caulk. After a heavy downpour, crawl up to the attic and inspect your flashing. You should look for watermarks around the chimney, and then go downhill.

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