Why Is It Crucial to Have Fall Roof Inspections?

by | Sep 29, 2023 | roof inspection

roof inspectionFall and spring stand out as crucial periods for a roof inspection. Positioned on either side of winter, an extensive fall roof inspection provides a chance to spot and address any issues that might be exacerbated due to the freezing weather and accumulated moisture.

Even though much emphasis is laid on spring roof inspections, ensuring your roof is examined now, to brace for the incoming winter months, is imperative. Bear in mind that a minor flaw in your roof’s integrity could translate to considerable expense and inconvenience down the line.

What to Do During Your Fall Roof Inspection:

  • Tend to all necessary repairs to see the roof through the winter and ensuing spring thaw.
  • Set a baseline for easy identification of any changes detected next spring.

The recent end of a lengthy, scorching summer might have led to unnoticed issues on your roof such as:

  • The emergence of seedlings
  • Undiscovered storm damage
  • Accumulated debris from fireworks, bullet holes, or fallen branches.

Are you pondering the potential damage by seedlings? The adjacent image showcases a roof, installed in November, and a year later, it’s hosting maple saplings from nearby trees.

The roof is your building’s foremost shield against external elements, making it one of the most vulnerable parts. If an inspection indicates a need for repairs, take heart! Regular inspections and repairs are optimal ways to delay the substantial cost of a roof replacement.

Your Fall Roof Inspection Checklist:

Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of a professional roof inspection? Approach it step by step, and patiently. To aid your inspection, consider these essential steps:

  • Examine the entire roof, focusing on drains, scuppers, parapets, and flashing, especially the perimeter.
  • Clear drains and scuppers.
  • Remove all debris, including branches, leaves, and pine needles.
  • Trim branches that hang over the roof.
  • Search for signs of storm or animal damage.

Hold On, Animal Damage?

roof inspectionYes, wildlife activity can extensively damage your roof. Not only is it prudent to trim overhanging branches to reduce debris or prevent animals from accessing your roof, but these branches can also invite raccoons, squirrels, and rodents, providing them an avenue to damage your roofing materials.

DID YOU KNOW that these creatures are known to consume PVC pipe and other protruding materials? They are adept at creating nests from almost any material they find.

Additionally, pigeon droppings, due to their high acidity, can erode shingles, tar, and building exteriors, besides being toxic and disease-transmitting.

Worried About Pigeon Droppings? If your roof needs cleaning from pigeon droppings, use a mixture of one part bleach to nine parts water, and always wear a mask and gloves during the cleanup, or opt for professional roof maintenance services.

Which Other Animals to Look Out For?

As we seek warmth indoors during chilly weather, so do various animals. Squirrels, mice, and other animals are similarly destructive, looking for a winter home. An unchecked roof can offer ample opportunities, and even small damages can invite these winter tenants.

Illustrations in the text reveal the extensive damage a seemingly harmless animal can inflict on a roof. For instance, an overhanging tree allowing raccoon access to a commercial roof led to the destruction of several HVAC units.

The Realities of Animal Damage: Unearthing any signs of damage from animals during an inspection mandates immediate and firm action to deter these creatures.

Depending on your roof’s specifics, you or commercial building managers might conduct a satisfactory roof inspection, or it might be essential to employ a professional roofing company. Ensure winter doesn’t set in without a detailed evaluation of your roof’s condition.

Don’t wait for minor roof issues to turn into major headaches! At Restoration Roofing TX, we are committed to providing you with exceptional roofing solutions that stand the test of time. Call us today!

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