Dangers of Roof Leaks You May Not Know

by | Sep 22, 2022 | roof contractor

roof leaksAsk any property owner about their most pressing roofing concern and they will likely give you the same answer: roof leaks.

Leakages can occur for many reasons. There are two main reasons why leaks can occur. One is because the roofing system was not properly installed. This causes gaps to form over time.

Another possibility is that the roof could be damaged by severe weather elements such as heavy rainstorms or strong winds. Major leaks often start in the small things. Some property owners ignore roof leaks and neglect to repair them immediately. This can lead to costly structural damage.

Even if you’re not worried about the tiny leaks in your roof, be aware of the unexpected dangers leaky roofs can pose to your health:

It can cause damage to your attic and home interior

Leaky roofs can cause damage to your ceiling as well as the attic or other areas of your interior. The leak could get into your wall, causing damage to plaster and wall paint. The water can reach the ceiling lights and electrical wiring, which could pose a danger. The water damage to your attic, and any items stored there, could cause serious water damage.

It can lead to mold and mildew growth

Remember that mold and mildew thrive when there is moisture and darkness. This is exactly what leaky roofs do. Mold can quickly spread to moist surfaces. It can also find its way into the structure, and eventually reach the HVAC system or vents. Mold and mildew can cause damage to your furniture, carpets, clothing, and your health. It is also very expensive to remove. Mold and mildew can also cause rhinitis and nasal congestion.

It is a safety hazard

Small puddles of water can often form from a leaky floor. This can quickly turn into a disaster, especially if you have children or older adults who live in the house and don’t notice the wet floors. You should be aware that wet floors can cause slips and falls.

It can be a fire hazard

Leaks can get into your electrical wiring and cause short circuits which could lead to a fire. A leaky roof is more than a problem with the roof. It can also be dangerous. It’s important to repair your roof if you want to prevent a fire from starting in your home. To ensure there are no short circuits, contact an electrician.

It can compromise the house’s structural integrity

Your home’s structural integrity can be easily compromised if it is continually exposed to moisture. Leaks can cause damage to building materials, such as wood decay and metal rust. A leaky roof can cause damage to the walls, trims, rafters and other building materials.


Leaks aren’t always as easy or as harmless as you might think. Leaks can cause more damage than you could ever imagine and result in costly repairs that you don’t want to make. To prevent this from happening, make sure you call a professional roofing contractor to fix the problem.

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