Gutter Storm Damage: Common Types

by | May 16, 2023 | gutters

gutterYou should expect severe thunderstorms to occur in the area. These storms can cause gutter damage, which could require the installation of a new gutter to remedy the situation. This short guide will inform you of the five most common types of storm damage to gutters and how to identify them.

Common Gutter Problems


Thunderstorms can cause gutters to sag and damage them. It is usually because gutters have been clogged and then a heavy downpour backs them up. The weight of a full trough may cause the middle of the trough to begin to sag away from the house. You will need to replace the fasteners holding the gutter to the house if this occurs. A gutter repair service in your area can easily do this.


When a storm brings in the wind, debris such as seeds, pods, or twigs can fall and clog your gutters. Your gutters may overflow if the rain from the storm is significant. This can cause damage to your foundation. Installing leaf guards on your gutters will help protect them from debris. The Fort Worth TX gutters will still need to be cleaned occasionally, but will not overflow or leak.

The troughs are falling

There is a possibility that your gutters could be damaged and fall from your house if there are high winds or heavy rainfall in the area. A gutter repair company can come out and repair gutters if they are salvageable. This will get your drainage system working again. You may hear high winds making a shredding noise. This could be your gutters being ripped off by the wind. Have them checked annually to ensure they are working properly.

Water damage

As a homeowner, you should always be concerned about water damage. Water damage can occur behind the siding or the foundation of your troughs if they have been installed incorrectly, or are not level, leak, or sag. Moisture can build up, which could lead to mold. Keep track of when your gutters require cleaning or inspection. Failure to do so could result in a costly mistake.

Professionals are available to hire

You should hire a professional for gutter repairs and inspections following storm damage, just as you would for HVAC maintenance, chimney repair, power washing, simple remodeling, or exterior painting. If you’re a novice who has never done a gutter inspection or installation after storm damage or doesn’t have the time or knowledge to do it, you should hire a team of professionals or a handyman.

As you can see there are many different types of damage that can be caused by bad thunderstorms. Call a professional to provide you with a quote and timeline for gutter installation if storm damage is the reason you need it. You will be able to identify gutter damage if you read our guide on the most common types. You will have gutters that are free of damage and most efficient.

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