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gutterHow Can A Clogged Gutter Damage a Home?

The gutters are a must-have on your spring cleaning list. Spring cleaning (and fall) of your gutters is a must. It’s not about maintaining a clean appearance. A clogged gutter can cause major damage to your house.

Reasons gutter repair should be done twice a year.

1. Foundations that are damaged

Your gutter serves one function. It directs water from your roof away from your foundation. A clogged gutter can cause water to get stuck or spill out near your foundation.

Although it may seem minor, water can cause cracks in your foundation over time. Cracks in your foundation can cause a collapsed home.

2. Rotting Wood

Facia boards, which are wooden boards that hold your gutters to your home, are called fascia boards. Your fascia can become rotted if your gutters get blocked. Your entire gutter system may collapse if it is not taken care of.

You don’t have to worry only about the fascia. Wood siding is a reason to watch out for gutter clogs. Excessive water can cause damage to the siding.

3. Landscaping damage

You’re likely to have done some landscaping if you own a house with a backyard. After all that hard work, you don’t want a clogged gutter to divert water from your beautifully maintained flower beds. This could lead to overwatering, damage or even complete destruction of your greens.

4. Ice Dams

Ice dams, also known as blockages of frozen waters, can form in any gutter when it gets cold. This is especially true if the gutter hasn’t been cleared of clogs. It is easier to make ice from water at the molecular levels if there are any obstructions.

Although it might not appear to be a problem initially, ice will eventually melt. That water must eventually melt. It will seep into your roofing system and walls, which can lead to mold, rot and other structural problems.

5. Pest Problems

Standing water is a favourite playground for mosquitoes, and clogged gutters encourage standing water. Their breeding paradise is the swampy environment created by stagnant gutter water. They’re not the only ones who enjoy a clogged gutter.

Clogged gutters can cause rotted wood. This is a problem that attracts termites and carpenter bugs, who love to live in wet, wooden environments. A termite infestation could cause structural damage to your house if it is not treated. It all depends on how much wood they consume.

6. Basement flooding

It’s not just your foundation that is in trouble if your gutters get clogged or water is coming too close to it. Your basement could also be affected by all the water that is slowly cracking your stonework. While gutter covers can prolong the cleaning time, they won’t prevent a basement flood.

7. Driveway damage

We have already talked about how water can cause cracks in your foundation if it is left untreated. You run the risk that your driveway will be damaged or destroyed if it isn’t maintained to prevent gutter clogs. Cracks and other damage can occur when water is exposed from the ground upward to your driveway.

How much does it cost to have your guts cleaned?

If homeowners have access to a ladder, and a friend can help them spot them, this is an easy task. You can simply put on a pair of work gloves and climb up to remove any debris.

If you would prefer to have your gutters cleaned by a professional roofing contractor, it will cost around $160. A typical homeowner will spend between $120 to $280 to have their gutters cleaned.

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