Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Roof Replacement

by | Jan 2, 2023 | roof replacement

roof replacementIt’s not fun to be told that you need a roof replacement. There’s not much you can do except learn as much as possible before you start the process. Research can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It’s important to be as informed and accurate as possible.

This article will explain what a roof replacement looks like and what 6 things to do before you get your new roof.

What is a roof replacement? The roof replacement involves removing your roofing materials from the decking and then installing new roofing components (underlayment or shingles).

Remember that a leaky roof does not necessarily mean your roof needs to be replaced. Your roof inspector will determine the best way to fix a leaky roof.

A new roof is an investment. It is not going to be cheap, just like any other investment.

A nail-over is a good alternative to a complete roof replacement for those with tight budgets. The nail-over saves time and money while reducing the number of steps involved in replacing a roof.

Things you need to know before you get a new roof

You can get your new roof by hiring a local roofing contractor and investing in quality:

1. It is important to determine if you actually need a new roof.

Your local roofing contractor will assess your roof before replacing it.

Your roof’s life expectancy can be long, as long as it is properly installed and ventilated. A 3-tab asphalt roof shingle roof has a 25-year lifespan. If your 3-tab asphalt roof is less than 10 years old, it shouldn’t be replaced for at least 12 more years.

Your roof contractor can repair any roof leaks until the time comes to replace them. There are certain signs that a roof replacement is necessary.

If you require a new roof, it will depend on what your local roofing contractor discovers during a roof inspection.

2. For your roof replacement, hire a local roofing contractor

It is important to find a local roofer for your roof investment. You must ensure that the local roofing contractor you choose has a location near your home and a phone number. This will ensure that you are able to contact them in case of any problems with your roof.

A local roofing company can also be a great choice because they are familiar with the specific requirements in your area. They will know the proper installation codes, paperwork, and all other requirements to make sure your roof is installed correctly and meets state regulations.

3. Invest in a high-quality roof replacement

Roof replacement in Fort Worth TX is an investment. Everyone is on a budget and some decisions may be influenced by a lower price. It is important to choose high-quality materials for your roof investment.

4. Your roof replacement will include roofing materials

Roofs are more than the shingles that you see from the street. It would make sense to understand what makes a roof a roofing system.

The roof is composed of various roofing materials and components. Together, they form a complete roof system. When you replace your asphalt roof, not all these materials (decking or flashing) will have to be replaced.

Your roof’s components and materials include:

  • Roof decking
  • Roof flashing
  • Sublayment
  • Drip edge
  • Water and ice shield
  • Shingles
  • Ridge cap
  • Roof vents
  • Pipe boots

It is important to invest in roofing materials of high quality. This will ensure that you receive the best warranty possible from the manufacturer.

5. How the roof replacement process looks

Your roof’s installation is important. To give you complete peace of mind, it must be done correctly. What does the roof replacement look like?

First, you need to have all your roofing materials delivered to your house. Your local roofing contractor will then arrive at your home on the day of the replacement and make sure that all vehicles are removed from your garage or driveway.

After ensuring everything is in order, they will begin to set up protection on your property and then begin the tear-off process. They’ll start installing your new roof materials after your old roof has been removed to clean the decking. Your roofing contractor will inspect the roof after it is installed properly.

6. How long will your roof replacement last?

Once your roof is up, it will be leak-free for many decades. How long will your roof last? As long as your roof is properly installed and ventilated, it will last as close to the manufacturer’s recommended lifespan. Keep this in mind and you can expect to get 80-85% of your roof’s life span.

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