How A New Roof Saves You Money

by | Feb 13, 2023 | new roof

new roofA new roof can be a great investment. Protect your home, family members, and possessions from the elements with a new roof. The average cost of replacing a roof is over $10,000. A new roof can also help you save money on homeowners insurance and taxes.

1. Better underlayment for improved moisture resistance

Underlayment is the protective layer beneath the shingles. A synthetic type called “peel & stick” can save homeowners money on their homeowner’s insurance. It acts as a secondary moisture barrier and further protects the wood beneath the shingles.

2. Securely attach your roof with hurricane straps

Your insurance premium can be affected by the way your roof was attached to your exterior wall. This is dependent on the age and condition of your home. There are three ways to attach the roof: toe-nailed (or clipped), hurricane-strapped (or both). Hurricane straps are a great way to save money on insurance and make sure the roof remains in place in high winds. A roof replacement in Keller, TX allows for increased performance and stability.

3. Improved wind resistance

Over the past 10 years, shingles’ wind ratings have significantly increased. You couldn’t find any shingles that could withstand winds greater than 65 mph in the mid-to-late 1990s. With the help of new technologies and studies, shingles are now capable of resisting winds up to 130 mph. The better the wind rating,

4. Comply with current building codes

Getting a roof replacement keeps your house up to code. This can also have a positive effect on your home insurance rates. This also ensures your safety.

5. Invest in Energy Star shingles

Certain shingle colors are Energy Star-rated by roofing companies. These shingle colors are rated Energy Star-rated. They have high reflective shingles that can reduce heat in your attic. This will allow your home to be cooler in summer.

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