Prepare Your Roof for Fall and Winter in Fort Worth, Texas

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Roofing

roofWinter is not the best time to repair a roof. Repairs are more expensive and difficult because of the harsh winters in Fort Worth.

Restoration Roofing TX wants to help you save time and money on your home. Our team of professional roofing contractors has accumulated the best preventative steps to ensure your home’s safety and security over the years. These tips will help you make your home more secure in the cooler months of fall.

Tips To Prepare Your Roof

Check your Roof for Debris

Fort Worth’s fall is a wonderful time of year when the heat goes down and it’s beautiful. This is the best time to inspect your roof for leaves and debris. To avoid erosion and damage, it’s best to get rid of any items from your roof.

Spring and summer storms can cause roof damage. You can inspect your roof from all angles or have a Fort Worth roofing contractor inspect it for you. It is important to identify any problems before winter arrives. This will help you keep your home safe and secure during the unpredictable Fort Worth winters.

Prune nearby trees

Falling limbs from nearby trees are a common cause of roof damage. To ensure that your roof is free from dying or dead tree limbs, take the time to inspect your trees. Winter in Fort Worth can bring heavy rains, high winds, snow, ice, and sleet. Any branches that are difficult to reach should be removed. An arborist may be hired to remove large branches from trees, particularly those that are high.

Check and clean your gutters

Gutter systems are a great way to catch most of the debris that falls on your roof during winter and fall. If debris builds up in your gutters it can lead to water damage and leaks. Your home can be kept safe and protected by regular cleaning of its gutters and the downspouts that are attached to them.

This is a good time to clean and inspect your window wells. Clean up all debris and check for cracks or other damages. Window wells that are damaged can allow winter conditions to enter your home. Do the little repairs first before you get bigger ones, which may require the help of a professional roofing contractor in Fort Worth.

You might consider adding seasonal gutter guards

For winter, you might want to add gutter guards to protect your gutter system. Gutter guards prevent heavy snow and ice buildup in your gutters. Fort Worth is prone to sleet, snow, and ice in winter. Gutter guards can prevent damage to your roof or gutter system. A reputable roofer can help you explore your options.

Install new caulking on your roof

Caulking can be used to seal seams on your roof. To check if your caulking is worn, inspect chimneys, vent pipes, and counter flashing. Caulk can crack or break when it gets very cold. This could make your roof more vulnerable to leaks. Replace any damaged caulking with new caulking.

You should inspect your attic for leaks

Check your crawl space and attic for any leaks. You can reduce the risk of water damage to your home by fixing any issues you find. Make sure you check your attic insulation when checking for leaks. Insulating your attic is a great way of protecting yourself from the cold.

Get all the roof repairs you need

Winter can bring severe weather conditions to Fort Worth. Do not be left in the cold this winter. It is a good idea to make roof repairs in the cooler fall season.

Call Restoration Roofing TX now and let our team of expert roofers prepare your home for the cold winter.

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