Prepare Your Roof for Storms

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Roofing

roofWe know you are taking every precaution to safeguard your home and family from the devastating effects of hurricane season. What can you do to protect your roof from extreme weather?

We are here to help protect your roof against any kind of weather or threat. Our licensed roofing contractor has compiled a list that you can use to protect your roof from storms.

Protect Your Roof

Know what you’re working with

When you are certain that your roof will face extreme weather, the first thing you need to do is evaluate its condition. A professional roofing inspection will give you the best picture. You will be able to see where your roof is most vulnerable and which potential dangers you need to be aware of.

Fix minor flaws 

It’s important to inspect the roof for any small flaws, such as missing tiles or missing shingles, and get them fixed before the storm strikes. High winds and heavy rain can worsen these problems and allow water to seep through flashing and shingles.

Trim Your Trees

A fallen tree or branch hitting your roof is not something you want. You shouldn’t have to pay for a new roof every time you get a storm. You should make sure that dead or dying trees are removed from your property. Also, ensure that branches over your roof have been cut and disposed of.

Protect Potential Risks

Mother Nature can pick up almost anything during severe storms. This includes lawn furniture and potted plants. Your outdoor possessions should be as secure as your indoor ones. You can move your yard furniture indoors if it is not possible to tie it down.

Get Insured

Even the best-prepared homes can still be damaged by severe storms. You should make sure that your insurance policy covers storm damage and that you are aware of what to do if you have to use it. Insurance can cover any roof repairs that may be required in the wake of a hurricane.

Restoration Roofing TX is available to help you with any questions, inspecting your roof or recovering from a storm.

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