How to Protect Your Roof and Hang Holiday Lights Safely

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Roofing

roofYou may be planning to decorate your home for the holidays. Holiday lighting can be used to create a moody Halloween, a festive Thanksgiving, or a lively Christmas. As long as the lights don’t damage your roof, it is possible to make them look great.

Yes, roof damage can occur if you aren’t careful. You don’t want cracked shingles or broken gutters. It can also be dangerous to climb on top of your roof. These are some tips to help you deck the halls of your home while keeping your roof safe.

Safety Tips When Decorating Your Roof With Holiday Lights

1. Consider Safety First

You may have seen the quirky Christmas ornament that has a stuffed dummy attached at the eaves. It makes it seem like the homeowner is holding on to life. This is not what we want to happen.

Check your holiday lights before you hang them. You should also get help from a trusted friend throughout the entire process or even a professional roofer.

2. Make sure you have everything ready before you climb the Ladder

Before you take strings of lights up to your roof with you, make sure you check them. It’s dangerous to play with them while trying to hold on to the ladder.

Make sure your strings aren’t tangled or knotted. To ensure they turn on, plug them in. Replace light bulbs that are damaged or missing while you’re on the ground. While climbing up the ladder, don’t lift more than you can comfortably carry. (Also, have your friend hold the ladder steady while you are on it!)

3. Say no to Staples

Although it may seem easy to hang Christmas lights with a staple gun, they are a serious no-no. Staples can cause holes in your roof, which allows moisture to seep through and lead to mold, mildew and rot.

It’s also difficult to remove staples after an event, increasing the chance of further damage. This can reduce the life expectancy of your roof.

4. Use plastic clips, zip ties, or magnet Lights

Plastic clips are a safe and secure way to attach traditional string lights to your exterior. These clips are practical and affordable, and they hold the wire strands and bulbs in place without causing damage to gutters or roof shingles. Zip ties work as well.

If you’re investing in new outdoor holiday decor, consider getting magnet lights. These lights are similar to the traditional type but attach magnetically to exterior features made from iron-based metal. They won’t work with copper or aluminum. Before you buy this type of lighting, make sure to test it first on your gutters and eaves.

5. Leave bulky, heavy decors on the Lawn

Although reindeer and Santa’s sleigh can be cool, decorations such as these are usually too heavy for roofs. Additionally, moving them around can cause damage to your roof, increasing the risk of moisture and making it more susceptible to water damage.

You can place large decorations on your lawn if you prefer. They will not damage your roof shingles.

6. Maintain the Gutters

Gutters are fragile and must be carefully balanced and leveled to drain water correctly. Avoid hanging lighting near them to prevent damage. Instead, attach lights to the eaves.

Make sure your ladder is not leaning against your gutters. This will prevent you from pushing parts of your drainage system off their tracks. Your gutters could be damaged and cause problems in the future, such as ice dams and leaks.

7. Do not walk on the Roof

It can be tempting for holiday lights and other decorations to appear on your roof. We advise against this. It’s easy to slip and fall.

Second, a person who walks on top of a roof can cause damage. Your roof shingles could be damaged or broken if you don’t use the proper equipment, such as the right boots, and you won’t get the watertight performance that you need.

Get a Roof Inspection to Keep Your House in Top Condition

You may notice signs of damage to your roof as you make your home shine this holiday season. Professional roofing contractors can inspect your roof and give you peace of mind.

Call Restoration Roofing TX now if you need the services of professional roofers.

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