The Roof Inspection Process: What You Need to Know

by | Jun 16, 2022 | roof inspection

roof inspectionYour roof is the unsung hero in your home, protecting you from harsh weather and other pesky creatures. Many homeowners neglect their roof until it starts to show signs of damage. When that happens, your roof could already have structural problems or damage to the insulation. A roof inspection is important if you want your roof to last longer.

How Often Do You Need To Schedule A Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection should be scheduled at least once per year. It is best to schedule an inspection before seasonal weather here in the Fort Worth area becomes a problem. Annual inspections can help you catch roof problems early so that you can avoid costly repairs later on.

What Are Roofers Looking For During A Roof Inspection?

A roofer will inspect the roof for unusual wear and tear and leaks. They will also inspect for any problems that might have occurred during roof repairs or installation.

The roof inspection process involved can be divided into 4 categories.

Material Inspection

The roofer will inspect your roof for missing, loose or curled shingles during a material inspection. The roofer will then inspect your roof for signs of rust, moss, and stains. Last, they will inspect the rubber boots around your vent pipes for signs of deterioration or gaps.

Structural inspection

The roof contractor will inspect the roof for signs of uneven or sagging roof planes, as well as the gutter system, fascia and soffit. The roofer will then inspect the chimney to make sure there is no crumbling grout or crack. A roofing contractor will also inspect your attic for leaks and moisture. This can have a negative impact on your roof’s lifespan.

Interior inspection

Roof leaks can cause serious damage to your home. The Fort Worth roofing company will inspect your attic, interior walls and ceilings for mold, water stains and other signs that water is infiltrating.

Workmanship inspection

Professional inspectors will inspect your roof for any problems in workmanship that could increase the chance of future damage. Poor shingle placement, poor flashing installation around roof penetrations and the use of low-quality materials all indicate problems.

Roofing Analysis

The roofing company will inspect your roof and give you a report detailing the condition. They will also inform you about any repairs that are required to maintain your roof’s condition. It is important to plan any repairs as soon as you can. This will ensure that your roof is ready to protect your home against any weather conditions.

Professional Roof Inspections

Are you in desperate need of professional roof inspections? Restoration Roofing TX is the right choice. Our roof inspection is designed to identify any problems with your roof, regardless of whether they relate to structural integrity, workmanship, or materials. We can fix the problems quickly so that you can return to your normal life as soon as possible.

Call Restoration Roofing TX now for more details on how our roofing contractors can help you.

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