Roof Leak Repair Part 2: Types and Location of Roof Leaks

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roof Fort Worth TXRoof leaks are as numerous as the types of roofing and natural disasters that cause them. However, some of the most common types are found in natural weak points. Before we begin, don’t forget to check the first part of this blog titled, Roof Leak Repair Part 1: How to Locate a Roof Leak, and What to Do About It.

Roof leaks can be caused by a vent pipe, a roof vent that is leaking, a chimney, roof valleys around nails, skylights around dormers and other structural problems. Damaged shingles, missing or loose nails and ice damming are also common causes.

Ice damming is one of the most difficult roof leaks you can diagnose. You’ll only detect the leaks once the temperature warms up enough to melt the ice and allow the water through.

Checking these common weak points is a great place to start if you have noticed a roof leak and want to find the source.

Roof Leak Repair

No matter where the roof leak is, it’s best to avoid trying to fix it when it’s raining, or experiencing any other bad weather.

If you see any drips, place a bucket underneath them and return to the area when it is dry.

When the weather is dry, you can fix your roof leak. Your repairs won’t be affected by extra moisture and water.

You can try to fix the roof leak yourself if the weather is good and you are confident. At least until you get a contractor who specializes in roof leak repair to come and assess the damage and decide what steps you should take.

Roof leaks can be fixed in a number of ways depending on their size, type, location, and roof type.

How to Make a Temporary Repair for a Roof Leak Outside the Roof

If you want to fix a temporary roof leak, it’s important that you are comfortable working from a height. You can work with a contractor if you want to ask questions or do not want to get on your roof.

You’ll also need some two-by-fours and a heavy plastic sheeting. The sheeting should be large enough to cover a section of roof that is leaking from the bottom to the top. It’s a good idea to have a few extra feet to allow for wrapping it around certain spots to secure it.

Wrap the longer end of a 2 by 4 around the shorter one and staple. Add a second 2 by 4 next to the first, like a sandwich. Then staple the boards together using 3″ or 4″ nail.

Then, repeat the process with another pair of two-by-fours.

Then, stretch the plastic up to the peak or ridge (the top), and then down the opposite side a few feet.

Use the second pair of “sandwiched”, two-by-fours to weight down the poly sheeting from the other side. Do not attach or nail anything to this temporary cover.

The purpose of this type of repair to prevent moisture, water and other debris from entering your home or commercial roof is to minimize damage while you wait for a roofing contractor to provide you with an estimate and review.

According to your homeowners’ insurance policy, it may be necessary to make temporary repairs such as this one in order to demonstrate that you have made a concerted effort to avoid further problems until the cost of long-term repair or replacement is covered.

If you have questions, you can always contact your insurance agent or an established roofing company.

You don’t have any two-by-fours?

Here’s a simple method to make a temporary repair for your roof.

How to fix a leaking roof from the inside?

You can fix your roof from the inside if you do not have the access or equipment necessary to repair the outside.

If you have found the source of your roof leak, it’s easiest to create a temporary repair using extra shingles and roofing tar.

You can find roof leak sealant at your local hardware or home improvement store if you are not familiar with home repairs.

You can create a temporary repair if you know where the leak is and have roofing tar or plywood on hand.

Spread roofing tar on the roof from the inside using a putty tool. Then, place the plywood or the shingle over the tar. Apply more tar to the edges to hold the patch in place.

You should monitor your roof to see if the repairs you made and the patches that you installed are still holding up. If you can, call an experienced contractor with experience in repairing roofs.

Flex Seal can be used to stop roof leaks if you need a quick fix.

Your insurance policy may cover more permanent fixes.

Roof Leak Repairs You Can Do Yourself

It may seem intimidating to repair roof leaks yourself, but it’s possible with a bit of knowledge, basic materials and tools, and a lot of confidence.

It’s okay to leave things to the professionals if you don’t feel comfortable with your DIY skills or working in heights, especially on your roof.

When it’s cold, you can see “shiners”, or nails that have missed the framing. They are usually located between the plastic insulation on the top and the roof. The frost will melt and drip into the ceilings when the temperature rises.

Clipping the nails that are shiny will fix this problem.

Replacing the boots can solve leaks around the vent boots, or the bases of plastic or metal that cover plumbing pipes and lines on the roof.

You can buy replacement vent boots in your local home improvement shop unless you have an unusually designed roof. You can also replace the screws or nails if they appear to be stripped.

It is possible to change the step flashing, or the reinforcement around joints on your roof like those around chimneys and vents.

You can apply galvanized flashing beneath shingles that are rusted or have been improperly nailed.

If you are handy with a nail gun and hammer, you can purchase the materials at your local home improvement shop.

Caulk that is old or damaged can cause leaks around walls and dormers. This is something you can easily replace!

Add more caulk until an expert can inspect the area.

Roofing contractors should inspect any extensive damage to walls or dormers.

If you’re fixing a roof leak yourself, remember that caulk will not be able to fix the problem for long.

Caulk can help to seal small holes or reinforce more extensive repairs. But simply caulking the problem won’t work in the long run.

Your insurance policy might cover the services of experts.

Roof Leaks that Require the Services of a Roofing Contractor

Roof vents are more difficult to repair. If there’s a leak near the roof vents, you will likely need to replace them.

Replace damaged or missing nails with a rubber-washed screw and add caulk to the edges of shingles around the vent. But this is not the best solution in the long run.

If you suspect that your roof vents or chimney will need more work than you are capable of doing, check your insurance and ask for a quote.

When Should You Call a Professional Contractor to Fix Your Leaking Roof

You should call a roofing contractor in Fort Worth TX when you can’t find the origin of the roof leak but you still see water coming through the roof. If you are not comfortable finding or fixing the roof leak, you may want to hire a roofer.

Consider your roof warranty, your insurance policy and the way it is written regarding repairs that you can do yourself and those done by professionals.

Professional roofing contractors should also have their own insurance policy in case something goes wrong.

Public adjusters can guide you through the difficult process of dealing with roof leaks and ensuring that any damage caused by the leak is covered under insurance.

You should first try to find the source of a roof leak. If possible, you can repair it yourself.

Roof leak repair companies can be hired if you are unable to find the source of your roof leak or if you do not feel comfortable climbing up on your roof or into your attic.

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