Roof Repair For Sagging Roofs

Why Does My Roof Sag?

sagging roofThe first step to fixing a roof that is falling off is to determine why. Inadequate structural support is one possibility. It could be due to poor construction, foundation problems, natural deterioration, or damage. This is dangerous as with any structural damage. The roof could fail if it is not fixed. Although a slight sagging roof does not necessarily mean your roof is at imminent risk of falling, it is important to take immediate action to prevent further structural damage to your home.

Additional weight, water, ice or snow can cause sagging. This could also indicate a problem in your gutters or drainage system. Be sure to address any contributing factors when you are repairing your roof. Roofs are not made to carry a maximum weight. Your roof could sag if water or snow accumulates over time.

Foundation problems can affect the roof and the entire house. Before roof repair can begin, you should contact a professional if your foundation appears to be in trouble.

What Does A Sagging Roof Look Like?

Sagging roofs are easy to identify. A dip in your roof’s flat area, bow in the roofline or humps on the roof plane are all signs of a sagging roof. You will notice cracks in the exterior walls or uneven support beams if the problem is with the foundation. If you notice any structural damage to your home, it is important that you call a professional.

What Can I Do To Fix a Sagging Roof?

roof inspectionThere are many options for fixing a sagging roof. The severity of the problem and the cause will determine which solution is best for you. A roof may need additional support. This could be a good solution if your roof is older and hasn’t suffered any damage.

A roof replacement is likely to be required if your roof has exceeded its lifespan or shows signs of damage. Although a roof repair can be done by anyone, you need to have a good understanding of the structure and know how to spot the problem. You should have a thorough understanding of the process and safety hazards involved when you attempt DIY roof repairs. You’re putting your safety, and your home, at risk.

If in doubt, consult a professional roof contractor. Many roof problems, such as sagging roofs, are complex and require expertise that can only be provided by an expert. Make sure you only hire the best professionals in Fort Worth TX for the job. Although a roofer can fix a roofing problem it is not possible to address structural issues. The solution to a foundation problem is usually found at the bottom. This includes adjustments to gutters, downspouts, and other necessary repairs. Most roofers lack the tools and skills to fix foundation problems.

It is possible to extend the life expectancy of your roof by having it professionally inspected every year, performing preventative maintenance regularly, and promptly attending to any issues. However, your roof will not last forever. Regular inspections can help you determine which issues are easy fixes and which may require a new roof.

Consulting with a roofer who is a general contractor is the best solution to a sagging roof. Restoration Roofing TX has the experience to solve roof problems like sagging. Call us today for a complete roof inspection to get to the bottom of the problem.

People Also Asked

Steps on how to jack up a sagging roof:

Use a jack-and-post system to slowly jack up the ridge beam. Set up two jacks and posts so that they’re evenly spread out from one another in the middle, below the roof ridge beam. Slowly jack up the roof ridge and then tighten the chains each time you jack it up.

What does a sagging roof indicate?

If you notice that your roof line sags, curves, or dips and isn’t arrow straight, it is likely that your roof needs repair. Several factors that cause a sagging roof include age, water damage, excess weight, design flaws, low-quality or incorrectly sized materials, and even faulty installation. 

Will a sagging roof collapse?

Sagging. A roof collapse rarely happens all at once. Typically, some sections start showing strain before others. Any area of ceiling that exhibits sagging should be cause for immediate investigation.

Is a sagging roof a problem?

A sagging roof is not only an eyesore, but it could also be dangerous for you and your family. Since roofs are designed to be straight, a curved or sagging roof means that its structural integrity is insufficient, and it may be a warning sign that your roof is headed for collapse. 

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