Roof Repair Tips – Common Issues During Winter

by | Dec 7, 2022 | roof repair

roof repairWinter is the most difficult season for the roof. Even the most sturdy roofs can be affected by harsh weather conditions. It is important to understand the potential problems that your roof may face during winter so you can get early roof repair and avoid further roofing issues. Restoration Roofing TX is a top Fort Worth roofing contractor and lists five common winter roofing problems.

1. Ice Dams

Ice damming is when heat from the roof escapes at the top and not throughout. This happens when the snow melts and then freezes as it reaches the roof edge. This can lead to a variety of problems such as blocked gutters, excessive weight at the roof edge, and pressure on the roofing shingles.

2. Flashing Leaks

Winter can pose a threat to the thin metal strips protecting sloped residential roofing systems. However, flashings can already be damaged even before by winter and be loosened even with a simple pack of snow. It is a good idea for flashings to be checked and replaced if they are showing signs of wear. This is to prevent roof leaks that could cause damage over the winter.

3. Freezing Gutters

Another common winter problem is ice dams. This can be caused by inadequate attic insulation. Ice dams can block gutters and cause serious damage like major roof leaks. It is possible to solve the ice dam problem and prevent gutter freezing from ever happening.

4. Condensation

Condensation occurs when warm air touches a cold surface. Although this is usually a minor problem, excessive condensation can lead to moisture buildup within the shingles and eventually damage them. This problem can be solved by installing insulation. However, we recommend that you wait until after winter to install insulation.

5. Hail Damage

Although hailstorms are rare, they can cause significant damage to your roof. Preventive maintenance can help strengthen your roof. You can prevent hail damage from happening by addressing the problem early. Contact your local roofing contractor to get a professional roof inspection and prevent any roofing problems from appearing in the middle of winter.

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