Is Roof Replacement Covered by Homeowners’ Insurance?

by | Jun 10, 2022 | roof replacement

roof replacementThe typical homeowners’ insurance policy covers the roof replacement costs once it has been damaged. This is the good news. However, coverage is usually limited to damage or destruction that results from an accident or a  natural disaster. Because they are the homeowners’ responsibility, problems that arise from normal wear and tear or roofs that have exceeded their intended lifespan are not eligible for reimbursement.

How Roof Coverage Works

The roof is the most exposed part of your home. Even in Texas, heavy snow, hail and ice storms are a major threat. The Midwest is also prone to tornadoes and cyclones. Tropical climates can lead to gales or hurricane-force winds.

Mother Nature can cause direct damage as well as other havoc, such as a windstorm that flings a tree onto your roof. Wildfires are possible. There could also be other unlikely events, such as something falling on the roof from above–such as debris from an aircraft or explosion.

The roof is an integral part of your home’s structure, so your homeowners’ insurance policy usually covers you against such perils. The homeowner can get a partial or complete replacement of their roof if it is damaged or destroyed by such events.

You will still need to pay your policy deductible before your coverage begins. Certain policies, particularly those that are written in high-risk areas, may have a higher deductible for hurricane or hail damage. Residents who live in these areas need to be protected from the elements. They may also require additional coverage such as hurricane insurance or windstorm insurance. Anyone who needs additional protection or higher coverage can purchase it.

Special Considerations regarding Roof Coverage

Coverage is possible for dramatic events, such as a roof falling down, having major leaks or holes, or being torn away completely. Even if the damage was caused by nature, it is more problematic. Let’s suppose strong thunderstorm damage a lot of your roof’s roofing shingles. Your insurance company might consider this cosmetic damage and deny coverage. Let’s say your roof leaks after the storm. The insurance company may claim that the storm caused it. However, this is not covered.

Ironically, water damage to walls, floors or furniture from a leaking roof would likely be covered by your all-perils policy. The roof repair would not.

Preventing Roof Problems

Properly maintaining and caring for your roof is your responsibility. Different materials can last between 15 and 100 years. Other steps homeowners can take to protect their roofs include hiring licensed professional ins to conduct regular roof inspections. In the hope of gaining future business, many roofing companies will inspect your roof free of charge. However, don’t be surprised if they find a lot of problems.

Your roof should be free from debris and not collect or hold water. Trees that are touching the roof or hanging above it should be cut back. Check your roof after a storm or long snowstorm to make sure the gutters and shingles are in good condition. You should ensure that your roof and home are compliant with current building codes if you live in windy areas.

Get reimbursed for roof replacement

Age is your roof’s enemy. A roof’s value will decrease with every year, even if it is made from a durable material like slate. Many insurers won’t pay for roofs that are more than a quarter-century old. You may also be exempted from insurance if you do not maintain your roof properly or neglect to use certain roofing materials, such as cedar or recycled shake shingles.

First, call your insurance company to inspect the roof. This will give you the best chance of getting your insurance company to pay. Gather as much documentation as possible before they arrive. This includes a copy your current home insurance policy and any home inspection reports. Also, receipts for any roof repairs you have done.

Photos of any damage should also be taken. It’s always a good idea for you to take photos of your roof when it was still in good condition. All of these photos will help in the claims process. An adjuster will be sent by the insurance company to inspect the damage and make their assessment.

Tips to save on new roof costs

The average cost of a roof replacement is between $1.50 and $4.50+ per sq foot, depending on the type of roofing material. You might find someone who can help you for less on asphalt shingle repairs. You will pay more for metal and tile roofs. Here are some ways to reduce your roof repair and roof replacement costs.

Before you talk to roofers, do your research. Know the dimensions and complexity of your roof. Also, know the exact materials that you would like to use.

Compare quotes: Ask for multiple estimates and request references from local roofers before you hire anyone. Avoid low bids as they could indicate subpar work. Also, make sure that roofers provide a warranty on materials or installation.

It’s important to time it: Roofers work most efficiently in the fall and summer. You may get lower prices and discounts if you schedule your roof replacement for late winter or spring.

You can do it yourself. Removing old roofing before the installer arrives can help reduce costs if you have the right equipment and the time.

A roof overlay is a method of adding new shingles to existing shingles. Overlays are less labor-intensive than full replacements and require less time because the old roofing remains in place. An overlay can void or reduce the warranty of roofing materials. Due to the increased labor costs and waste, overlays can also increase future replacement costs.

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