What Does A Roofing Contractor Do During A Roofing Inspection

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roofing contractorAre you worried about your roof leaking? Are you worried and stressed? Our roofing contractor can help.

It’s not hard to see how a roof problem can cause you a lot of headaches. You won’t be able to tell how severe it is until you have a roofing contractor inspect your roof.

You may have to make small repairs or a complete roof replacement. We can help you with whatever it is.

We provide high-quality roofing services. With the same attention that it needs, we inspect your roof. You don’t need to worry about the roof again when you work with us.

A roof inspection is necessary to begin the process of replacing or fixing a leaky roof. Roof inspections are performed by roofing contractors to evaluate the roof’s condition.

They will check your roof penetrations as well as your attic’s ventilation. Here are 10 things that a roofing contractor will look for when inspecting your roof.

What Will A Roofing Contractor Check During a Roofing Inspection

1. The ventilation in your attic

Your attic should be the first thing your contractor inspects when they arrive at your home. Your attic should be properly ventilated to allow for airflow.

Your roof will have problems if it isn’t ventilated properly. Your roof’s lifespan will be significantly reduced by hot and cold air trapped in it.

Proper attic ventilation is crucial to the success of your roof investment. This article will explain how proper attic ventilation can affect your roof and your home.

2. Do you see any interior water stains or roof leaks?

This is a simple one, but your roofing contractor will inspect your ceiling for water spots. Once they find a leak, they will start looking for the cause.

Once they have found the problem, they will repair it or recommend a replacement if it is severe. Learn more about the most common roof problems that a contractor will encounter.

3. How many layers does your roof have?

Your roofer will inspect your roof to determine how many layers it has. If the problem is severe enough to warrant a replacement roof, your roof will be removed along with any additional layers.

If more than one layer is present, your roof replacement estimate will reflect the number of layers to be removed. This article explains how a roofing contractor removes a roof.

4. Condition of the roof deck

Your contractor will inspect your roof’s decking before they climb on it. They will inspect the roof’s decking to see if it is spongy and if it is solid beneath their feet.

Your contractor will also inspect your decking to make sure the nails are still strong. Your contractor won’t be able to tell you if your decking has problems by simply walking on it.

They will usually inspect the decking after the shingles have been removed. Your contractor will need to replace any decking that is damaged during roof replacement.

5. Roof vents

No matter the type of vent on your roof, they must be inspected.

You will need to check for obstructions if you have ridge, soffit or gable vents. They will check if there is a gas appliance in your home to determine if the metal’s expansion and contraction have pulled the fasteners from the vent.

Learn more about roof vents in our article on roof ventilation. We will show you the options for roof ventilation and explain what they can do for your roof.

6. Roof shingles

Proper roof installation is second only to adequate attic ventilation. You won’t get the maximum lifespan if your shingles aren’t installed correctly.

They’ll inspect your roof for nails that have been driven in the wrong direction, causing bumps or nails that have backed out of cracks. You’ll also be able to see if your shingles are missing or cracked.

It is important to understand when your roof should be replaced. Learn when your roof should be replaced so you can decide when it is the right time.

7. Perforations and skylights on your roof

Roof penetrations are anything that is visible through your roof. Your roofing contractor will inspect your roof and check for any leaks.

Your roof pipes would have the neoprene boots to prevent water from getting into your home. They can become cracked and if not fixed, could lead to a leak.

It is important to have your roof inspected regularly to ensure that your roof remains leak-free. To learn more about how roof maintenance can prolong the life of your roof, read this article.

8. Your chimney

Your chimney is a roof penetration, but there are many other things that a roofer will inspect. Each deserves its own area. They will inspect the flashing, mortar condition, and condition of the chimney cap.

If there is anything growing from the mortar, your chimney may be getting moisture. While your roofing contractor may be able to diagnose and fix a problem, some chimney repairs will require the assistance of a chimney company.

9. Roof flashing

Your contractor will inspect your roof and check for any roof flashing. Roof flashing is metal that’s placed between your shingles and something like a wall or chimney.

They will make sure that it doesn’t get rusted, and that the metal’s integrity is maintained and protected from the elements.

10. Your gutters

Roofers should inspect gutters and downspouts regularly.

They will first check their integrity by making sure that there are no cracks and open seams. They’ll then check for blockages and restricted flow which could lead to debris or vegetation getting backed up.

They will also check for standing water. If the gutters are pointing in the wrong direction, it is likely that they have stagnant water. Regular roof maintenance should include cleaning out your gutters.

Reputable roofing contractors are recommended.

You now know what to look for in a roofing inspection. A reputable contractor will give you an honest assessment of your roof when you hire them.

How do you find the best roofing contractor? It all comes down to asking the right questions and getting the right answers.

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