Roofing Tips – The Best Type Of Roof Vent

by | Jan 24, 2023 | roof tips

roof ventVents are an important part of your roof’s longevity and performance, even though they may not be the most visible. Your attic’s ventilation allows your house to breathe. Without proper roofing ventilation, the life of your roof will reduce and increase your energy bills. It can also impact your home’s energy efficiency and thermal comfort. There are many vents available on the market and it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. These are some things to keep in mind as you search for the right vent.

Active Roof Vents

Your home’s health is dependent on a well-ventilated attic. Active roof vents help to keep your attic free from mold and moisture by drawing in fresh air from the outside and pushing out stagnant air.

The system creates a negative pressure in your attic which causes fresh air through the intake vents. The exhaust vents let out the hot, humid air to the outside. An active roof vent system not only prevents moisture and mold growth but also keeps your home cooler and warmer in the summer and winter. It circulates fresh air through your attic to regulate temperature and prevent drafts. An active roof vent system can provide many benefits to your roofing in Keller TX.

Passive Roof Vents

Passive vents are roof vents that use natural air movement to keep the roof cool and dry. Because it blends seamlessly with the shingles at the ridges, it is usually less noticeable than an active vent. Passive vents do not require power but instead rely on natural movement and airflow to create ventilation. Passive vents are generally cheaper than active vents. Multiple vents can be placed along a roof’s length to achieve better results. Passive vents can also be useful because they don’t require electricity or sunlight to operate.

How to choose the right roof vent for your home

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right roof vent. Are you looking for a system that can move large volumes of air? Or would you prefer something more discreet and less expensive? It is best to consult with a roofing contractor for the best results.

Passive vents are more cost-effective and provide better ventilation and temperature control. Your personal preference and budget will ultimately determine your choice. For optimal performance, no matter what type of vent you choose make sure that a professional roofer installs it. Properly installed roof vents will ensure your attic is healthy for many years to come.

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