Signs a Roofing Contractor is Ripping You Off

by | Apr 18, 2023 | roof contractor

roofing contractor Fort Worth TXOn a Saturday, you wake up to the sound of someone knocking at your door. You weren’t expecting a package so you walked downstairs and opened the door. A roofing contractor was there who said that your roof had storm damage. He could replace it for a very low price. You think, “How kind of him to see my roof damage and offer me such a low-cost solution!”

Slow down. Roofing contractors may try to scam you.

Why would a roofing contractor in Fort Worth TX try to scam you? They want to make your house a safer environment, right?

You still need to take care. There are roofers who inspect, quote and repair roofs in an ethical manner. You should always be on the lookout for these signs when hiring a contractor to repair or replace your roof.


Roof scammers use their own bait, just like a fisherman lures in fish with bait.

Once they start working on your roof, they will increase their price.

The roofer who is trying to scam you will start working. He knocks at your door about 20 minutes later and says, “I’m sorry but we’re going to need to increase the price of your roof replacement because I just realized that we need more material.”

The roofer will then go back to work and knock on your door about an hour later.

“Hi, again! Sorry, we need to increase the price of your roof again. “We noticed that we needed to add more shingles than expected.”

You are being ripped off if a roofer is doing this. Do not fall for the bait. Compare the initial price of another roofer’s quote with that of your own. If they don’t match up, then you are being ripped off.

roofing contractor Fort Worth TXReduce the amount of time spent on labor

Roofers will also take advantage of you by stealing your time and quality.

We’ve heard it before: “Time is money.” You expect a roofing contractor to deliver outstanding quality work if you spend thousands of dollars for a roof replacement. This takes time.

Roofers who are trying to scam you don’t really care about the amount of work they did on your roof. They just want your cash.

Roofers who scam you don’t invest the time necessary to install your roofing system. Roofers who rip you off will have poorly installed shingles and a thin coating of paint on your roof.

Overpriced Materials

In order to save time they install roof materials in a poor manner. They also use materials that are overpriced. On their website, you can see what roofing materials they use.

Roofers who scam you will not tell you where their materials come from. Please ask them where they got their materials. They think you won’t ask. If they won’t tell where they got their material from and who it came from, then they are just trying to take as much money out of you as possible.

“KNOCK-KNOCK, You Have Roof Damage!”

A roofing scam can also be prevented by being wary if you receive a call from a roofer who says “Hi there. I have noticed that your roof susstained storm damage.” “Can I take a look?”

After a storm, you should be extra cautious. After a storm, some roof scammers may take the opportunity to scam people.

It is possible for your roof to suffer storm damage, but the best way to determine if it is storm-related is to arrange a roof inspection. Roofers who ask you to inspect storm damage on your roof are usually only interested in making money.

roofing contractorAsking for a RIDICULOUSLY HIGH DOWN PAYMENT

A roofer who is in it only for the money will ask for a down payment that exceeds 20% of the cost to replace the roof.

Roofers usually charge a 10% down payment for quality materials.

If a roofing contractor asks for a large down payment, he is planning to simply take your money without performing the work they were hired to do.

How can I avoid being ripped off?

We are firm believers that the roofer comes last. We don’t want you to be ripped off.

We have a piece of advice for you: do your research! Look at the website of the company before you call that number. Be very careful if the company does not specify what materials it uses. Check out their reviews on Google Yelp Facebook etc. Also. Don’t fall for the trap if most reviews claim that the roofer has taken advantage of them.

Ask the roofer how much a down payment will be when they come to your home for a free estimate. Divide the total quote price by five. If you see a down payment above this number, it’s a scam.

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