Signs You Need A New Gutter

by | Dec 20, 2022 | gutters

gutterYour gutter system is one of the many unsung heroes in your home. It prevents a rainy day from becoming a major problem. Even though most gutters last 20 years, they will eventually need to be replaced, especially if the condition has deteriorated. It can be difficult to know when you need to replace your gutters. We have compiled eight signs that may indicate this.

When should you replace the gutter?

1. Cracks

Although small cracks in your gutters might not seem to be a major problem, if they aren’t fixed quickly, they can become more obvious and cause further damage. These cracks can cause damage to the gutter fascia boards, the shingles over the gutter, or the foundation.

A local gutter repair professional can help you identify which cracks can be repaired and when it is time to replace the whole system.

2. Peeling paint

Your gutter paint should be able to resist normal wear and tear from the seasons. If your gutters have been in use for a while, you may notice peeling paint and orange flecks. This could indicate that there is still standing water. This could indicate that your gutters are not draining water properly or that cracks or damage may exist, and that you need to replace them as soon as possible.

3. Pools of water or mildew

Maintaining clean gutters and downspouts is key to preventing gutters from getting old and clogging up. Your gutters should allow water to drain away from the foundation of your home. You may notice water pools or mildew around the foundation.

This could indicate that your gutters aren’t working properly. It could be due to a simple clog, or a more serious problem such as a defect within the gutter system. This is important because the water in gutters can cause foundation damage that could lead to expensive and time-consuming roof repairs.

4. Water Damage or Water Marks directly beneath the Gutters

Your gutters should be checked at least once per year, on a sunny day without rain. If you see water damage or marks under the gutter, it is likely that the gutter is leaking or overflowing with water. This type of water intrusion could cause damage to your fascia board and soffit.

5. Gutters Pulling Out of the House or Sagging

This sign can be used to determine if you need gutter repair or gutter replacement. You don’t even need to climb a ladder to see it. This movement is an indication that gutters are full of water or pulling away from your home.

If your gutters are full of water it could indicate that your system is not suitable for your home, that it is draining incorrectly or that debris is blocking the gutter. Gutter sagging can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

6. Breaks at The Seams

You should ensure that your gutters are securely joined with an airtight seal. You run the risk of leaks or other damage if your gutters are not joined properly. You can repair the occasional leak, but if you notice frequent cracks in the seams between your gutters, it is time to replace them.

7. Rust

The most obvious sign that your gutter system is in need of a replacement is the eroding of metal. Large rust spots can compromise your gutters’ integrity. You can fix small rust spots, but it is worth calling a professional gutter installer to discuss your options.

8. Fallen nails or Fasteners

Hardware such as fasteners, nails, and screws hold your gutters in place. You can repair what you can but if you find yourself constantly picking up these metal bits from the ground, it may be time to replace your gutters.

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