What Happens To Your Roofing System As It Ages

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Roofing

roofingGray hairs and wrinkles are two obvious signs of age that can be seen in the mirror. But what about your roof? Roofing systems age too. If you’re aware of what to look out for, they will show signs of aging just like us. What happens to your roof over its lifetime?

What Happens To Your Roofing System Over Time?

Curing Phase

Do you remember when your roof was installed? Sweet memories. Your roof was still in its initial glory. But, the rapid aging phase of a roof known as “curing”, which tend to last for two years, takes place when it is new.

It’s not unusual for shingles to lose their granules and curl at this period. You may also notice blistering. Don’t worry. It’s all normal. As your roof starts to settle, it would then stabilize and become sturdy against the effects of severe weather conditions.

Middle Phase

It’s amazing how fast time goes by, right? Your roof would start to age gradually and slowly over the next few years. In the roofing industry, it’s called the “incipient phase”.

Your roof has been in good shape for about 10 years. It is doing its job, protecting your home and keeping you warm and safe. It’s not the time to be complacent.

Maintenance becomes a priority during this phase. Regular roof inspections are necessary to identify any signs of a midlife crisis. Your roof’s lifespan will be extended by taking care of small problems as they occur.

The incipient stage might show indications of aging like cracking and granule loss, or areas that look a little weathered. Life is good…at least for now.

Final Phase

Your roof will begin to age rapidly again after about 20 years. You will start to notice signs of deterioration. It’s been exposed to different types of weather, and it has begun to deteriorate and become weaker. This is similar to what happens when you get older. It may even become bald! These are the warning signs that it’s time to say farewell. You may also notice these indications that you may need a new roof.

  • Flashing that is rusted or damaged
  • Excessive loss of granules
  • Cracked, Buckling, curled shingles
  • Dry areas
  • Exposed layers
  • Water damage
  • Moss growth
  • Light entering the attic

Call A Roofing Contractor For Roof Replacement

Although it is a slow process, you cannot stop the aging process. Your roof will eventually need to be replaced by a newer one. The roof’s life cycle will then begin all over again.

Which phase is your roof at the moment? Are you concerned about its age? A roofing contractor will inspect your roof for signs of wear and tear. They can also help you determine if repairs are possible to extend its life or if it is time to replace it. For a free inspection and estimate, give our team a shout or send us an email.

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